Leith Rules Golf Society
The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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The launch of the Appeal at Leith Links took place on 3rd July 2014. Report and press coverage

Statue of John Rattray sited on Leith Links
Our major project is to fund a statue of John Rattray, the Captain of the club by winning the first "Open" golf competition at the Links in 1744 and the signatory to the first rules.

The superb area will host a larger than life-size Bronze Statue by renowned Fife sculptor, David Annand, set in a beautifully landscaped and interactive precinct designed by award-winning Scottish Landscaped Architect William J. Cairns, all located on the original first hole at Leith Links.

This unique precinct will also contain interpretative information telling the story of Rattray and his fellow golfers’ contribution to the history of golf.  The redeveloped area will:

  • Engage local, national & international visitors with the history of golf

  • Allow visitors and local residents to learn of the remarkable origins of the modern game in historic Leith

  • Set Rattray’s achievements against the wider backdrop of Scottish history

  • Attract more visitors to include Leith in their Edinburgh itinerary

Major support from the City of Edinburgh means we can go ahead with confidence this year.

We require £250,000 to secure the project.
Fund-raising has started with great support from LRGS members and friends of the project.
To date £60,000 has been raised (or approaching 25% when pledges are added).
Every little helps ... so please encourage friends to help with a donation of any size!
As soon as funding is secured we will be ready to start work.

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For golf, for Leith, for Edinburgh and for Scotland
- be part of golfing history and help us to raise the funds and bring Rattray to Leith Links.

The John Rattray Statue Fund is a constituted fund of Foundation Scotland (SC022910

Download the Appeal leaflet here

The Maquette
Our maquette of the statue was created by sculptor David Annand, as shown above. Please click here for further images of the Maquette

Media articles on the project .....

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The Statue Committee
The Committee is a sub-committee of LRGS and tasked with bringing the Statue of John Rattray to Leith Links. It reports to LRGS’ main committee.

The members of the Committee are available here.

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