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The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations



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A recently-developed in-depth history of golf at Leith Links and our Society can be found here

Progress on the statue
The Scottish Parliament has approved our plans for the statue and the Bill received Royal Assent on 27th March 2014. Read all about the Statue Project here

2014 events

The first event of the year took place on 7th March, the celebration of the signing of the rules on 7th March 2014 at "A room in Leith".

The Society have the usual programme of events planned for the remainder of the year, please see the list here.

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"The Gowffer's Tattle"
The latest edition of our newsletter is available for download as a PDF file
Issue 2014/1 February 2014

Earlier editions are also available -
Issue 9 - January 2013
Issue 8 - July 2012
Issue 7 - November 2011
Issue 6 - January 2011
Issue 5 - January 2010
Issue 4 - July 2009
Issue 3 - May 2008
Issue 2 - November 2007
Issue 1 - March 2007

Society commemorative tie
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The first rules of golf created by the golfers at Leith in 1744 tell us something about the challenges faced by these early golfers and the society they lived in. View them here.